How it works

  1. How it worksGet in touch at  Tell me the sort of thing you would like to say, the occasion, who it is for and when it is needed by and I’ll do the rest – it’s that simple!  Remember the more information that you can give me, the better.  There’s even a questionnaire to help you (and me) if you want some prompts.  Alternatively, throw it all down on an email.
  2. Decide on what type of ditty you would like and how much you want to spend – see prices. Do have a look at some of the samples in Fox Tales though and remember if you have lots of stories to tell then you may want to consider a longer ditty especially if it’s going to be read aloud at an event.
  3. Click on the ‘Place Order’ box and the creative process shall commence. I may be in touch with more questions.
  4. Additional lines can always be added and paid for after your initial order.
  5. Once you receive your first draft, you may come back with any changes/final tweaks.
  6. Your ditty is emailed to you as a Word document. It is up to you whether you prefer to read it out or frame it and present it (we do not currently offer this service).
  7. You give me feedback either via email or via Facebook. I love hearing how ditties have been received!  Videos/photos are also gratefully received!  Nothing is shared without your permission.

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