Graduation – keep scrolling!


Bubbles for Madame Citron

as it’s really the only way

that we’ll get your full attention

and say what we have to say:


You’ve always been a high flyer.

A woman who truly has wings.

You reached for the stars and you found them.

You deserve all the success that it brings.


You’ve gone from B A to B A!

“Would sir like a coffee in his cup?”

No need to take your seat for landing

cos the only way you’re going is up!


Diana, you’re really First Class,

A shining star in every way,

And we’ll be raising a glass in Scotland

on this, your special day.


Have a super, marvellous evening.

Enjoy the bottle of Fizz.

We’ll be thinking of you always,

Your BFs, Neil and Liz.