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From the Fettes two,

We’d just like to say,

The most enormous thankyou,

For supporting us today,

Your contribution is vital,

To help us to achieve

For bouncing Ava, a world title!

That we firmly believe!

For Scott, an expedition

That requires dedication,

To be in mint condition,

To hike, bike and canoe across our nation,

Just two young people from Deeside,

With  talent and a chance to shine,

Thankyou for being on our side,

And helping us to Cloud Nine!


Ava & MacKenzie xx


Gladrags 2018

Calling all ladies who like to have fun,

Whether or not you’ve ever handled a gun,

There’s a Club where you’ll find the friendliest faces,

A Club that meets at the most exquisite places,

With expert tuition and jolly good grub,

Glad rags is Scotland’s Premier ladies’ shooting club,

Maybe you’re a novice or an experienced shot,

Come along, have a go, give it all you’ve got,

We’ll teach you safety and shooting technique,

To make you a good shot, to reach your peak,

We guarantee that you’ll enjoy your day,

You’ll soon be addicted and smashing every clay,

We provide the equipment for everything we do;

From guns to ear defenders – all you need to bring is you,

We shoot all over Aberdeenshire in locations simply glorious,

We celebrate in style if we shoot well and feel victorious,

There’s no hefty joining fee that we’ll be charging you,

The enjoyment is all free – just pay for the days you do,

We know that once you’ve come along, you’ll leave us wanting more,

We’re proud to be Gladrags and Cartridge Bags and we’re celebrating becoming four!


Ode to our new neighbours

Oh what a treat!

Yer hoose is almost complete,

It’s been five years and yer hair is greying,

From an old cottage on a plot

To a home that’s got the lot,

With great neighbours! (that goes without saying),

East Cottage no more,

Old Farm Bothy you’ll adore,

All the hard work is now nearly over,

You’ve paid yer dues,

Relax and kick aff yer shoes,

You’ll be like a family of piggies in clover!

Just the upstairs to go,

And before you know,

Your house will be a home,

After all your hard slog,

Move in the kids and the dogs,

And you’ll never want to roam,

Bet you’ve had enough

Of tradesmen doing their stuff,

Though you called in a very good squad,

Friendships you did forge

With Dod, Alex, Stephen and George

(but no more moaning….0 Thankyou God!)

So welcome to Pittrichie,

It would be such a pity

Not to christen your new pad,

You only have to say

A time and a day,

To help you house warm, we’d be glad!

A Befriending Story

A husband, a father, soulmate, a best friend,

A unit so tight feels like it can never end,

A marriage lasting sixty years,

A passing – realising her worst fears,

The grip of grief that tears at her heart,

So unused to being apart,

The new routine of going to bed alone,

The knowledge that she is on her own,

The things that change that used to be fun,

The joylessness of cooking for one,

The kids are all grown and away,

Living in various parts of the UK,

So lonely that she’s feeling sick

Of listening to the lounge clock’s constant tick,

But then her daughter says she wants Mum near,

That it’s impossible with her living down here,

It’s time to leave the marital home,

And live a new life on her own,

So she arrives, she’s hugged and kissed

But still the heartache does persist,

Because each time your daughter goes away,

It’s just another long, long day

Of thinking thoughts of what has been

And staring idly at the TV screen,

But what if there were someone new

To dedicate some time to you?

To listen, to chat, to share a fly cup,

Things could finally be looking up,

If when you hear a knock at the door,

You know it’s someone worth waiting for,

And for once or maybe twice a week

You look forward to the company you seek,

Making a friendship that will last,

Telling them of stories past,

And when you first meet your Befriender,

You definitely won’t want to ‘return to sender’,

Because these special people really care,

They’re warm, they’re friendly but most of all, they’re there,

Because they truly understand

The value of companionship, of offering a hand,

As the great wheel of life begins to turn,

There’s a lesson that we would all do well to learn,

Because while we may not all have a Doctor’s brain,

We should not take our own skills in vain,

Within us, we have the ability to cure

A condition that so many have to endure,

An epidemic that has gripped the nation,

The debilitating state of isolation,

No visitors to expect, no-one to phone,

A prisoner in one’s own home,

If a little time we all can give,

We can enable someone to start to live,

If a little time we all can take,

Just look at the difference we can make.